Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Simple Business Plan for Beginners Who Want to Open a Business in 2021

Many people have the resolution to open a business in their desired field. Moreover, there are many millennials competing to develop careers in the entrepreneurial world. In fact, the results of Sea Group's research on 14,000 young Indonesians stated that 24 percent of respondents wanted to have their own business, 17 percent worked in the government; 16.5 percent want to continue their family business, and 3.2 percent want to work at startups. Well, in the business world itself, usually capital can be the main thing that becomes a problem when starting a business. The first thing to do is save to raise capital or borrow funds from financial institutions. In the digital era like now, there are many ways to get loan funds from online loan providers. 

This method can be an alternative to loan funds to choose from because the process is easy and the interest is quite competitive from conventional financial institution loans. One of the online financial institutions that provides trusted and reliable cash loans is Kredivo. Kredivo can provide cash loans of up to IDR 30 million, with the lowest interest rate on the market, 2.95 percent per month. However, doing business is not just a matter of capital. After getting a loan for business capital, people who start a business must make a business plan or business plan that is mature. Without a business plan, how will the business run and make a profit? If the business is not running, how can you also return the borrowed capital? The importance of business planning It's good to know the function of business planning before discussing it further. Basically, a business plan has many benefits, especially for the following three things: 

Designing a business strategy If you are likened to a football team, if you already have a capable team to win matches, the team also needs a strategy on how to score as many goals as possible. In a business plan is the same, usually listed short, medium and long term plans, complete with strategies to achieve them. This is useful for projecting the direction of future goals or business goals. Measuring capital Every businessman must calculate operational costs in running his business. 

Starting from production costs, human resources, maintenance, and others. Cost details are needed in a business plan to anticipate losses that will arise and calculate the price to be sold to potential customers. Increasing business value In a business plan, there are important points that indicate the potential of the business, or what is commonly called the Unique Selling Point (USP). This must be considered carefully because a business must present the advantages of a product or service so that potential customers are interested in buying it. A business plan has an equally important role as business capital. Given that this is the first step of a business, a businessman must design it carefully. For those who are still confused about making a business plan, you can follow the simple business plan example below. However, keep in mind beforehand that this business plan is just a simulation. Adjustments and more detailed explanations are needed in making a real business plan. Example of a business plan for a culinary venture. Preparation Market research to see opportunities and learn about competitors' businesses. Business people must already know what food / drink they want to sell. Seeking HR, from chefs, waiters, cashiers, and other workers needed Manage permits and other legality Choose providers of raw materials that will be used continuously Provide equipment needed in business premises Marketing Making social media accounts for online marketing Branding inside and outside the restaurant by using banners, banners, brochures, and more.

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