Sunday, June 19, 2016

Body Balance procedure

Body balance is a Yoga and Pilates influenced exercise program using soothing music. The work out is designed to create harmony between breath and movement, action and relaxation, awareness and concentration. The combination of the exercise routine draws you into balance. It works both the body and the mind, which is important to relieve stress. People who have done it have reported feeling more relaxed, with a more peaceful inner sense.

So don't expect a loud high impact pump up music environment. The setting is peaceful, with calming music incorporating dim lights. This unique physical fitness regimen works on building strength, and mainly flexibility, posture and coordination. This kind of work out is suitable to increase flexibility in a wide range of sporting activity that requires it, such as golfing for example. Focusing on the methods of restoring the natural curve of the spine, this new method of fitness training achieves superior body conditioning without the use of weights or strenuous physical exertion.

BENEFITS ► Suits men and women of all ages ► Reduce stress ► Lose weight ► Improve flexibility ► Improve body balance

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