Tuesday, June 21, 2016

20 INGREDIENTS No Man's Kitchen Should Be Without

To eat fast and healthy, you have to stock the right supplies — food, spices and condiments you can throw together in minutes without saddling your gut with a lot of fat, empty calories and processed junk. The Men's Health must-have list:

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► Nonfat yogurt (for low-fat salad dressings or dips for fresh fruit; mix with raisins, wheat germ and Cheerios for a high-fiber snack)
► Tortillas (for quick breakfast burritos or to wrap up high-fiber Mexican beans)
► Frozen vegetables (simple — no peeling, washing or chopping; can be tossed into spaghetti sauce to add fiber and taste)
► Non-fat granola
► A variety of fresh fruits and vegetables
► Dijon mustard (to use on sandwiches instead of mayonnaise)

► Boneless, skinless chicken breasts (to help you resist the Colonel when he calls)
► Turkey cutlets (great on the grill or sliced and stir-fried)
► Whole-grain sliced bread; take out slices as you need them
► Pasta (not just for spaghetti; toss with tuna and vegetables)

► Tuna (rich in heart-healthy omega-3 oils)
► Canned beans (to add fiber to soups)
► Canned tomatoes, tomato purée and tomato paste (for spaghetti sauce, rice dishes and chili)
► Canned corn, green beans and peas (a fast way to add fiber and nu-trients to salads) 110. Low-fat chicken broth (use in place of oil to steam and sauté fish and chicken) and canned soups, such as minestrone and lentil.
► White and brown rice (serve as a side dish or mix with chicken and veg-etables or add to soups) ► Onions, garlic and olive oil (the main flavor ingredients in stir-fry and countless other dishes)
► Potatoes (top with canned vegetarian chili for a quick dinner)

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