Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Home Made Lava Lamp

What you're going to need for this experiment is :

  • An empty bottle
  • Cooking oil
  • A small box 
  • A torch 
  • Some food dye 
  • Some alka-seltzer 
  • A funnel and 
  • Water
First of all take your water and your funnel and very carefully pour some water into your bottle. You need to fill the bottle about a quarter of the way up. Then take your vegetable oil and using the same funnel pour into the bottle. You'll see that the oil sits on top of the water. This is because oil is less dense than water.

 Then take your food dye. For this experiment I have chosen to use blue is my favorite color. Place some food dye inside the bottle. You'll see that it immediately goes straight through the oil and into the water. Then take out your alka seltzer, break up one of the tablets and drop them through the neck of the bottle.

 As they pass through the oil and hit the water they started melt. The bubbles from the reaction then passes through the oil carrying the food dye and the water with it creating colored bubbles.Is not it great? 

If you want to make your lava lamp looks really cool. Take your light and your box with a small hole cut in the top and place your bottle on top of it.  What you do is turn off any other lights and drop another Alka Seltzer inside. you see the same reaction happening again. But this time it looks really cool . What's great about this is you can use the same bottle again and again.  All you have to do is break up another Alka Seltzer and put it through the neck.

 7. How to measure your lung capacity

Monday, April 25, 2016

How to make Lava Art

This is a really great really simple and really fun experiment. we're going to need for this experiment is

  •  Half a cup of water
  • Quarter of a cup of oil 
  • Quarter of a cup of salt 
  • Some food dye and 
  • A glass

Firstly take the water and pour it into the glass. Then add a few drops of food dye you can choose any color you like but we've chosen read this example and staring into the water. Then very carefully pour your oil into the water. you see that it floats to the surface. The oil floats on top of the water because it is lighter than Walter. Then take the salt and pour it through the oil into the water. You see that it syncs through and lands quite heavily into the water. since the salt is heavier than the oil is straight down into the bottom of the glass but it also takes some of the oil and air with this create bubbles inside the salt and as the air starts to rise back through the salt it picks up the oil with it and go straight through the water and back to the oil this creates a lot of effect.  You can use as many different colors in your lava to create cool effect as you like. we've chosen red said it contrasts with the yellow oil. If you want you can try adding extra colors into the mixture. For this example we using drops of blue food dye. You see that it syncs straight through the oil into the water that it drops through the oil it gets coated and turns into small bubbles of blue food dye.

6. Home Made Lava Lamp

Saturday, April 23, 2016

How to Make a Rainbow in a Tube

Rainbow in a Tube:  This is a really great experiment.

Make a Rainbow in a Tube
Now we are going to need
  • 4 glasses 
  • Mini test tube 
  • a syringe 
  • Some food dye in four different colors 
  • Sugar and 
  • Sixty ml of water 4 cup 

where you need to do is place your 4 glasses in a row and add sugar to each of them. In the first glass
add one tablespoons, in the second glass add 2 tablespoons, in the third glass add three tablespoons and in the fourth glass add four tablespoons.

Make sure you get the measurements right because this will become important later on once you've measured the sugar into each of the glass add sixty milliliters of water to each glass.
This will dissolve the sugar and create a sugar water solution. you need to mixed the water to make sure that the sugar is fully dissolved into the water. This might take some time. If you find that you have problems dissolving the sugar into the water why not try using warm water or just microwaving it for a few seconds. 
Then into Glass number one add some red food dye, into glass number two add yellow food dye, in glass number three use green food dye,  in glass number 4 use blue food dye. 
Next take your test tube and the glass number four use the syringe to fill the bottom of the test tube with blue sugar solution.  Might be to do this three or four times. Then wash out your syringe with clean water. Glass number three green sugar solution add very slowly and carefully into the test tube.
You'll see that the sugar solution sits on top of the blue. This is because it has a different density to the blue sugar solution. The blue solution with more sugar is thicker than the green.Green is thicker then the yellow. And the yellow is thicker than the rest. This means that they sit on top of each other. in science when a solution is thicker than another we say that it has more density. Density is nothing to do with weight or size but simply how many atoms there are inside.  If you hold a light up to the rainbow glass you'll see all the different colors shining thru. 

How to Make Scary Slime

In this experiment you're going to need 
  • 2 Bowls 
  • one teaspoon of borax
  • 1/2 cup of PVA Glue
  • A Spoon 
  • a cup of Water 
  • another 1/2cup Walter 
  • Green food dye and
  • a ziplock bag 
 What you need to do first is mix one teaspoon of borax with one cup of water. Use the spoon to mixture until all of the borax is completely dissolved into the water.
Then need to get half a cup of water into a bowl. Add the green food dye there enough to make it really cool color and then add the PVA glue into the water until it starts to mixed. You see that the color is completely mixed in with all of the glue and the water.

 Then you need to take your borax mixture and mix it into the glue mixture. You see very quickly starts to thicken . Use the spoon to continue stirring the mixture until it gets thick enough to use your hands.

 Then use your hands to pull all the separate strands of due out and separated from the Walter using your hand as much of the mixture separated from the water as possible.

Take your zip lock bag and very carefully pour what's left of this. Seal the top of the back. it's a stop for making . You can see your scary slime.

4.  How to Make a Rainbow in a Tube

How to make hovercraft at home

Hovercraft at  home it's really simple experiment . we're going to need 

  • sports bottle lid  
  • a balloon 
  • CD and 
  • some glue 
 you need to do first of all take the sports bottle lid & glue blew around the outside edge and stick it very firmly to the center of a CD completely covering the hole in the middle.  Make sure you give it long enough for the glue to completely dry. 
 Then blow up you balloon and hold on to the neck and twist it around a few times and you can hold it or easily. Then take the neck of the balloon and stretch it over the sportscaster. You have to be quite careful with this as it is a bit tricky.

once you've done that you're ready to go onto a flat surface full bottle cap into
the open position and watch it. There we go, that's how you make it.  isn't that cool .

Sciences Fair Projects Ideas 2016

Sciences Fair Project 

We're going to show you how you can make a square bubble at home, hovercraft at home,  Scary slime,  Rainbow in a Tube,  Lava Art At Home , Home Made Lava Lamp for Kids, Measure Your Lung Capacity, Water Defying Gravity Experiments, Home Made Candle from an Orange, Magic Trick with Matches and a Coin.

1. Square bubble at home
at home it's a really simple experiment or you're going to need this
  • washing up liquid 
  • 6 pipe 
  • cleaners and
  • a large bucket of water 
The first step is to add some washing up liquid water . This is normally how you make a bubble.
But the secret ingredient in this case is to add some of the glycerin . This will help your bubbles to last longer.  Then take your pipe cleaners and cut them down the middle very carefully.
Then take your straws and cut them halfway down as well as need to be long enough to fit onto the pipe cleaners with a bit of space at each end. Take three of the pipe cleaners and twist the ends together into a pyramid shape. you need to make four of these pyramids.
The next step is to take your straws and threaten them around each of the pipe cleaners. This is further when you come to making a bubble cue the edges of the bubble have a smooth surface. You can start to make you keep shape but that's not too important.

very carefully did the cube into the bubble mixture you'll see that it's created flat surfaces but if you shake the cube the surfaces mix together and create crazy shapes. But you never thought you'd be able to make a bubble that shape.  The next step is to take a straw and blows on the bubble mixture into the center .

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Do Online Business Ideas For Moms Exist?

If you're interested in contributing to your family's finances from home, there are a multitude of online business ideas for moms. Being a mother is a full time job, but it certainly doesn't pay like one. What if I told you it was possible to make some additional income from home without compromising time spent with your children?
Online Business Ideas For Moms
Most of you mothers are probably pretty sceptical and that is okay. Scepticism is relatively normal in this line of work because earning an income on the internet is a relatively new professional notion. One of the greatest things about the internet is the limitless accessibility to all the information you want. In this article I will challenge the scepticism and show the possibilities of making money online as a stay at home mom.

Multi-Level Marketing

If you have never looked into involvement with a multi-level marketing company, the fact may intrigue you. Multi-level marketers are essentially direct salesman. Direct marketers specifically target their potential clients based on previously obtained or assumed information. Multi-level marketers can represent, what seems to be, and infinite number of products. From nutrition lines to makeup, there are many viable marketing opportunities. Selling products you already use and enjoy is one of the most exciting online business ideas for moms.

How Much Money Can I Make?

Multi-level marketers, or direct marketers, are compensated with a commission based income. Each multi-level marketing company has a unique compensation plan. I know, I know... you want to know how much. A multi-level marketer's income is solely based on performance. If you perform well in a multi-level marketing, chances are it is because you committed to the business and stayed tough. Mothers, more than anyone, know the importance of commitment and perseverance. By introducing customers to great products, mothers can make a substantial income from home. If you take the time to acquire the mental tools you need to succeed, multi-level marketing may prove to be one of the best business ideas for moms.

But I Don't Know Much About Computers...

Nowadays, it isn't necessary to possess an Ivy League degree or a thick pair of glasses to make money online. Over the past decade, the internet has become exponentially more user friendly. People with absolutely zero computer experience are performing well in this marketing niche. It is also vital to point out that it is never too late to start learning. If you learn to market efficiently and consistently, it can be much more valuable than a college degree.

Struggling financially can really be a burden on a family. Any additional income is an amazing asset to a struggling family. If you're struggling to pay your bills, or simply would enjoy more spending money, you should take a close look at the realm of multi-level marketing, you work hard each and every day as a mother. Why not be reciprocated for your efforts? If you're a mother with an entrepreneurial spirit, it may be worth your while to research online business ideas for moms.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Healthy diet chart for weight loss 2016

Healthy diet chart for weight loss full meal plan to help you Lose Weight and achieve your goals fast. I followed this diet chart and had a weight loss of 4 kilos in 15 days. This plan is not only for Indian but also for vegetarian all over the world.

Tips To Lose Weight:
1. Keep a Food Journal
2. Drink 6 Cups of Water A Day
3. Eat More Greens
4. Cook With Fat Free broth
5. Eat Whole Grains
 6. Measure Everything
7. Use Skim Milk S. Take Your Time Eating
9. Use Smaller Plates
10. Exercise
 11. Eat More Seafood
12. Use Meat as a Condiment
13. Eat More Fiber
14. Eat More Vegetarian Meals
15. Eat Healthy Snacks