Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Influence Of Internet On Modern Business

An Internet Marketing program has two sides. One is the part devoted to individual customers. The other is the business to business component. E-commerce programs as well as advertising, sales support, customer service and public relations are all elements of an internet marketing program.
Modern Business

Internet On Modern Business

Similar companies compete against one another while being only a click of the mouse away. In other words, a buyer can locate numerous sellers offering similar merchandise, similar prices and similar offers in a very short time period. As more people and businesses become comfortable with the internet, the marketing landscape will continue to evolve quickly in the coming years.
Internet On Modern Business

Modern Business

Use of the internet has exploded during the last few years in both the consumer and business-to-business markets. Although the experts still debate the future of the internet, no one doubts it is having an impact on how business is taking place in the twenty 'first century, even with all of the - - dot crashes - - of the late 1990s. Here are some facts about the internet that highlight its tremendous growth and presence in society:

- The most common products consumers' research online and purchase off-line (at the store or outlet) are: automobiles, computer, hardware, travel, electronics, books, appliances, music, sporting goods and clothing.

- Over 25 percent of all business-to-business purchases are placed through some type of internet connection.

- The five top business-to-business e-commerce products are computers and electronics, motor vehicles, petrochemicals, utilities, papers and office products.

- In 2004, 10 percent of business-to-business advertising dollars were spent on the internet. The total amount spent was $8.7 billion.

- About 54 percent of the e-mail users have responded to an e-mail advertisement. Almost half purchased a product.

- Internet retail sales account for almost 2.5 percent of all retail sales.

Business-to-business marketers were among the first companies actually to make profits using the internet. In today's marketplace, the web is becoming the communication tool of choice for many business-to-business companies. The internet provides opportunities for communication, customer service, sales support, collaboration and e-commerce.

Some companies use the internet for every aspect of their business including taking orders, inventory control, production scheduling, communications plans, sales programs, service departments and support programs. The change from traditional communication channels such as salespeople, telephone and - - snail mail - -to the internet and e-mail happened quickly in some companies and more slowly in others.

Now, convincing top management of the benefits of internet marketing is essential. There is still a lack of internet expertise in the business community. As a result, many companies are turning to marketing agencies for guidance.

To conclude, the influence of the internet on various businesses and industries has been clearly noted in today's world. The presence of the internet and e-commerce is so sweeping that the various applications of web technology are now essential elements of a fully integrated marketing communications program.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Easy Online Publicity Ideas

The widespread use and low cost of Internet advertising makes online publicity the way to go to draw attention to your company. There are countless opportunities for promotion in this manner. It takes a little dedication and can be done with some proper planning and monitoring of various web pages and ads. Consider some popular ways to gain online publicity for your firm or yourself!

Online Publicity
Easy Online Publicity Ideas
1. Set up a company or individual website. You can get as fancy as you want or keep it basic. The main thing is to get your name officially out there in the form of a website. If you have limited computer skills you can still do this for a reasonable price without hiring a professional Webmaster. There are do-it-yourself templates for creating a website that are easy to set up and easy on the budget.

2. Take time and make a point of having your company name and basic information listed in online directories. There are many: a basic Google search is all you need to find them. Get listed in as many as you can, most don’t cost much if anything, it’s just a matter of doing it.

3. Write a story or newsworthy announcement in press release form. This will generate instant online publicity.

4. Start an online forum pertaining to your business to create awareness and share valuable information. Forums and chat room type venues make a great place for people to learn about you or your business without having to spend a great deal of time and effort on the task.

5. Create a Facebook page. This is a free and fun way to get online publicity. You should get as many fans or followers as possible. Facebook has become an essential part of a good campaign.

6. Set up a company Twitter account. Another great step in the cyber world of advertising, you will gain loyal customers and lots of online publicity once you get comfortable with your business “tweets”. Do a little research and planning before going “live” on Twitter so you have a handle on it. Look up accounts of successful and popular companies who are already using Twitter to their advantage. Starbucks, for example. Studying and mimicking their strategies as appropriate is just one way to get started.

7. Start a blog for your business. An ongoing blog (web log) with regular posts about your company is another popular way to obtain online publicity. It is important to keep the blogs current and periodic, not sporadic. You don’t need to have daily blogs, but do have a maintenance plan and don’t neglect it. The beauty of the blog is that you will be providing a springboard of links to your other company websites or information. This is all going to translate into expanding exposure for you!

8. Post interesting company events on Youtube. If you have something fun and worthwhile to view, share it in the form of a movie short on a site such as Youtube.

These are all viable methods for keeping your company current and credible in the eyes of the public. Online publicity is huge and will help propel you to success. Explore the endless ways in which you can increase sales and grow your company by using these online publicity tools.