Saturday, February 8, 2014

5 Crazy Business Ideas

Crazy Business Ideas
Million Dollar Website
This has to go into the one of the craziest business ideas of all time, the inventor is someone who took time and researched about all available business opportunities but settled for this one. Alex Tew is the person who came up with this ingenious plan and the idea was to come up with websites and sell the pixel of the website for $1 each. The website has a million pixels which would translate to a million dollars. The idea was successful but for those who copied it later was unsuccessful.

Frankfurter Converter
This device was invented to slice hotdogs into eight slices which created an impression of octopus hence the name octodog. The slices made it easier for children to enjoy their favourite meal without having to choke on them as that was the case before. They became popular with the majority therefore increasing sales.

Forehead Advertising
Business ideas get even crazier, as the name suggests it is possible to advertise products on the forehead. The idea was invented by a company known as Headadvertise and before long people were now even tattooing their skins with advert signs which were already paid for.

Santa Mail
This was another crazy idea that turned out to be successful. The man behind this was Byron Reese who applied for a postal address at the North Pole which he used to send letters to ‘Santa’. When kids knew that they could now send letters to Santa, they sent him hundreds of thousands of letters and of course he charged for this special service. The good thing about this ‘Santa mail was that no mail was disposed as trash and the kids received a reply from Santa himself.

Two people sat together and camp up with an insane business idea which was to sell designer eye wear specifically for dogs. The question here is why would a dog want an eye wear? Come to think of it many pet owners love their pets as they love their family members and this was a good idea that impressed the pet owners. To their surprise the people who developed this idea were overwhelmed with the number of orders they received from pet owners. In the end it proves that being unique in the business world in likely to win you customers.

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