Sunday, January 1, 2017

Paleo Beginner Pitfalls and Helpful Hints

Attempting to completely reconfigure how you think about food and how you live your everyday life can be tricky. Remember that everyone struggles. Everyone has cravings. It’s simply the way we’re evolutionarily programmed to live. However, there are a few mistakes that many first-time Paleo-eaters make in their first few weeks. Here are a couple of the natural ones with tips to get through them. Good luck.

Caveman Craving Mistake #1: You Don’t Commit to Paleo Right Away and See Poor Results

Your first few weeks on Paleo are essential to discover how your body reacts to natural, whole foods. If you only eat Paleo sometimes—like, only on weekends, for example—there’s no way you’ll see any results.
Therefore, it’s best to completely eliminate grains, legumes, processed foods, and dairy products in the first approximate thirty days. You can return to some of these things after thirty days in order to discover just how terribly your body reacts to them.
When you switch to a Paleo diet, you are immediately looking to heal one of your most important bodily ecosystems: your gut. After thirty days, your gut has brought general health and lowered your bodily inflammation levels. It is unable to heal itself when you continue to penetrate it with improper amounts of grains and legumes. At least give your body a change to reap the rewards of a Paleo diet before you incorporate a few of your old ways.

Caveman Craving Mistake #2: You Quit After One Week on the Paleo Diet

This one is necessarily related to the first article. However, if you completely commit to the Paleo diet for only one week, your body will have no time to heal itself from the inside. Your gut requires time to adjust to the new ways in which you’re altering your life.

Caveman Craving Mistake #3: You Quit Because It’s Too Expensive

It’s true that Paleo spouts the rewards of eating grass-fed meats and full-on organic vegetables and fruits.
However, if you are on a tight budget, you can still eat Paleo. Look to the best-quality food items you can possibly afford. If this means you can’t buy grass-fed meats, that’s fine. As long as your focus remains on vegetables, meat, eggs, and good fats, you’re still reaching toward your goals. You’re still reaping the rewards of a non-grain-focused diet.