Friday, May 6, 2016

How to measure your lung capacity

How to measure your lung capacity is a really simple experiment where you're going to need is

  • a measuring cup 
  • a jug of water 
  • a large bottle 
  • a marker pen 
  • some tape 
  • a funnel 
  • a length of hose and 
  • a large bowl of water

Firstly take your tape and place to strip along the entire length of your large bottle.  Make sure it's fixed securely. Then take your funnel, put it into the neck of the bottle and pour two hundred and fifty milliliters of water inside.

Then take your marker pen and make a small line on the level of the water.  You need to repeat this several times until the bottles full. Measure very carefully. so that the experiment is accurate.


You need to be patient for this.When you made the final mark it  look like this.

Then fill up the whole bottle. Next part of the experiment is quite tricky to you may need help from an adult place. one hand over the neck of the bottle very carefully turn it upside down and placed inside the water.

During this will mean that all of the water inside the bottle , none gets poured out. Then take the hose and very carefully making sure that the next the bottle stayed inside the water place one end of the hose inside the bottle. The way this experiment works is that by blowing air inside the bottle. You replacing all of the water inside then using the marks on the side of the bottle you can simply count one volume of water has been replace all that's left is the used one hand to hold the buckle down and then taking a deep breath in blow as hard as you can. when you're finished count all of the marked the term above the water level.

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