Saturday, April 23, 2016

Sciences Fair Projects Ideas 2016

Sciences Fair Project 

We're going to show you how you can make a square bubble at home, hovercraft at home,  Scary slime,  Rainbow in a Tube,  Lava Art At Home , Home Made Lava Lamp for Kids, Measure Your Lung Capacity, Water Defying Gravity Experiments, Home Made Candle from an Orange, Magic Trick with Matches and a Coin.

1. Square bubble at home
at home it's a really simple experiment or you're going to need this
  • washing up liquid 
  • 6 pipe 
  • cleaners and
  • a large bucket of water 
The first step is to add some washing up liquid water . This is normally how you make a bubble.
But the secret ingredient in this case is to add some of the glycerin . This will help your bubbles to last longer.  Then take your pipe cleaners and cut them down the middle very carefully.
Then take your straws and cut them halfway down as well as need to be long enough to fit onto the pipe cleaners with a bit of space at each end. Take three of the pipe cleaners and twist the ends together into a pyramid shape. you need to make four of these pyramids.
The next step is to take your straws and threaten them around each of the pipe cleaners. This is further when you come to making a bubble cue the edges of the bubble have a smooth surface. You can start to make you keep shape but that's not too important.

very carefully did the cube into the bubble mixture you'll see that it's created flat surfaces but if you shake the cube the surfaces mix together and create crazy shapes. But you never thought you'd be able to make a bubble that shape.  The next step is to take a straw and blows on the bubble mixture into the center .

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