Saturday, April 23, 2016

How to Make a Rainbow in a Tube

Rainbow in a Tube:  This is a really great experiment.

Make a Rainbow in a Tube
Now we are going to need
  • 4 glasses 
  • Mini test tube 
  • a syringe 
  • Some food dye in four different colors 
  • Sugar and 
  • Sixty ml of water 4 cup 

where you need to do is place your 4 glasses in a row and add sugar to each of them. In the first glass
add one tablespoons, in the second glass add 2 tablespoons, in the third glass add three tablespoons and in the fourth glass add four tablespoons.

Make sure you get the measurements right because this will become important later on once you've measured the sugar into each of the glass add sixty milliliters of water to each glass.
This will dissolve the sugar and create a sugar water solution. you need to mixed the water to make sure that the sugar is fully dissolved into the water. This might take some time. If you find that you have problems dissolving the sugar into the water why not try using warm water or just microwaving it for a few seconds. 
Then into Glass number one add some red food dye, into glass number two add yellow food dye, in glass number three use green food dye,  in glass number 4 use blue food dye. 
Next take your test tube and the glass number four use the syringe to fill the bottom of the test tube with blue sugar solution.  Might be to do this three or four times. Then wash out your syringe with clean water. Glass number three green sugar solution add very slowly and carefully into the test tube.
You'll see that the sugar solution sits on top of the blue. This is because it has a different density to the blue sugar solution. The blue solution with more sugar is thicker than the green.Green is thicker then the yellow. And the yellow is thicker than the rest. This means that they sit on top of each other. in science when a solution is thicker than another we say that it has more density. Density is nothing to do with weight or size but simply how many atoms there are inside.  If you hold a light up to the rainbow glass you'll see all the different colors shining thru. 

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