Monday, April 25, 2016

How to make Lava Art

This is a really great really simple and really fun experiment. we're going to need for this experiment is

  •  Half a cup of water
  • Quarter of a cup of oil 
  • Quarter of a cup of salt 
  • Some food dye and 
  • A glass

Firstly take the water and pour it into the glass. Then add a few drops of food dye you can choose any color you like but we've chosen read this example and staring into the water. Then very carefully pour your oil into the water. you see that it floats to the surface. The oil floats on top of the water because it is lighter than Walter. Then take the salt and pour it through the oil into the water. You see that it syncs through and lands quite heavily into the water. since the salt is heavier than the oil is straight down into the bottom of the glass but it also takes some of the oil and air with this create bubbles inside the salt and as the air starts to rise back through the salt it picks up the oil with it and go straight through the water and back to the oil this creates a lot of effect.  You can use as many different colors in your lava to create cool effect as you like. we've chosen red said it contrasts with the yellow oil. If you want you can try adding extra colors into the mixture. For this example we using drops of blue food dye. You see that it syncs straight through the oil into the water that it drops through the oil it gets coated and turns into small bubbles of blue food dye.

6. Home Made Lava Lamp

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